I hope you find something interesting and informative on the pages inside. I have a passion for astrology that began at age 5!  I have studied many forms of astrology and Western Karmic Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology are my favorite so far.  Since astrology is an ever expanding wisdom there’s always a new idea or perspective on the horizon.

Through the years I’ve noticed the most challenging aspect of astrology for beginners is where to start.  Studying the twelve signs is the best place to begin so each month I provide the current placement for the Sun, but every sign is also applied to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a plethora of other astral bodies, as well as the houses that make up a horoscope. Learning the twelve signs is quite simple and will open up a whole new way to see the world. Everything has a birth: your home, your car, your cat and, of course, you!

In addition to posting the sign of the month, I will also be writing about simple upcoming celestial events like Eclipses, Retrogrades, New and Full Moons, and Solstices and Equinoxes to add a little spice to the month and make learning astrology a little bit more interesting.  I’ll post these on my Facebook page.  If you’d like to join the site, please go to Jo’Ann Ruhl and you’ll get any monthly updates instantly!

The Sun enters Leo on July 22 at 8:16 a.m. PDT and 11:16 a.m. EDT

Leo is a fire element that is ruled by the Sun.  It’s the only sign that is not ruled by a planet but by the most powerful star, our Sun, the giver of life on our planet.  If you think that sounds dramatic, you now understand Leo!  They have flare, just like the Sun.  I love to watch how a Leo dresses down; they’ll wear a million dollars worth of diamonds with a matching velour jogging suit.  Sunglasses were invented for Leo’s for those rare occasions when they need to go out incognito and didn’t have time to put on their makeup.  They have to shine and they love to be center stage.  Fun is their middle name and if they are not having fun they will somehow create it.  Leo is like the Sun, it cannot lower its energy.  It must be all that it is and its constant fire has an endless source that feeds it.  The Sun does not look down at the Earth and say, “Gee, I’m burning those people, I should turn it down a bit.”  It must be what it is and it provides the essential source that allows our planet and all its inhabitants to survive and flourish.  Leo is this energy, endless in its ability to create from an unseen source.  It just can’t be small or do something halfway, so it can seem to some to be ego.  You will often see this word associated with Leo but I‘ve rarely seen Leo energy be egotistical; it simply shines so powerfully that it can burn those around them.  Sometimes being in the spotlight all the time creates an insecurity that they respond to with that Leo pride.

It’s hard not to notice the Sun; even if you’re not looking up, you know it’s there.  When a Leo is in the room, you know it.  They can be loud and dramatic and they can also be shy and quiet, like the Sun behind the clouds, but you’ll somehow still notice them.  Leo’s have a fear of being embarrassed or humiliated; in some it can create a serious shyness, while in others it may cause them to seem egotistical and they will pretend not care what others think.  Either way, it can cause a misunderstanding of their sensitivities that others simply do not experience nor do they understand.  The sign of Leo is the energy of the King and Queen.  The sign is represented by the lion, and what do we call the lion?  The King of the Jungle and their domain is called a pride!

Leo rules the heart and the spine.  The heart has the strongest measurable energy output in the body, the spine protects the largest nerve, the spinal cord.  If you think about a King or Queen, they must rule from the heart and be strong, have a strong spine so to speak.  When you sit on a throne you sit higher up than others.  They also must maintain a persona for the people.  It’s not always easy to have to sit on that throne; even if they’re having a bad day, they can’t show it.  Everyone is looking to them to be strong.  Leo realizes that they must create a persona, a good appearance, show strength and be dignified.

Leo is also about actors and drama, artist and musicians, mainly because of their ability to create and also because they are most comfortable in the spotlight.  They all have a persona on stage, in their personal life they need to be able to be free and let down their hair, step out of the spot light.  Ever see a picture of a movie star walking the red carpet, they’re dressed and made up to be dazzling and then the next day there’s a picture of them at the grocery store and you can’t believe it’s the same person?  The one at the grocery store looks just like everybody else!  What happened to the movie star?  How hard is it for that person to keep up appearances every time they go out of the house?  Leo feels like this all the time.  That invisible spotlight is always on them or at least it feels that way to them.  Creating a persona is a way to protect the vulnerable human side.  Leo energy has concerns about being humiliated; they have to keep up a good front so no one see’s how vulnerable they are.  Because they rule the heart they hurt like no other sign, they take everything to heart and it’s so hard for them to heal feelings of embarrassment and shame.

This is a sensitive sign, one that gives generously, and must create: constantly and infinitely.