I hope you find something interesting and informative on the pages inside. I have a passion for astrology that began at age 5!  I have studied many forms of astrology and Western Karmic Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology are my favorite so far.  Since astrology is an ever expanding wisdom there’s always a new idea or perspective on the horizon.

Through the years I’ve noticed the most challenging aspect of astrology for beginners is where to start.  Studying the twelve signs is the best place to begin so each month I provide the current placement for the Sun, but every sign is also applied to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a plethora of other astral bodies, as well as the houses that make up a horoscope. Learning the twelve signs is quite simple and will open up a whole new way to see the world. Everything has a birth: your home, your car, your cat and, of course, you!

In addition to posting the sign of the month, I will also be writing about simple upcoming celestial events like Eclipses, Retrogrades, New and Full Moons, and Solstices and Equinoxes to add a little spice to the month and make learning astrology a little bit more interesting.  I’ll post these on my Facebook page.  If you’d like to join the site, please go to Jo’Ann Ruhl and you’ll get any monthly updates instantly!

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 at 1:31 p.m. PST and 4:31 p.m. EST

Like a crisp spring breeze, Gemini’s sweep into a room and bring a fresh energy to everyone. I call them Oxygen because everyone seems to come alive and feel more awake when there’s a Gemini around.

This air sign is depicted by the Twins Castor and Pollex. But I’ve always looked at another kind of representation for Gemini and that’s Narcissus, the famed hunter from Greek mythology. He was known for his beauty and when he sees his reflection in a pool of water he falls in love with his own beauty.

Now, Gemini’s are not in love with themselves, but they have an uncanny ability to reflect other’s behavior, tone of voice, body language and even facial expression.  It makes whomever they are speaking with feel very good without them realizing why. When we see ourselves reflected we have a sense of familiarity and feel more at ease. For this reason Gemini’s make great sales people. They are also wonderful writers, speakers and performers.

The other part of Narcissus that Gemini often typifies is beauty. Gemini’s are perpetually young. They tend to keep the beauty of youth.  Even in later years when everyone else seems to be growing old, Gemini is still walking with a spring in their step and a twinkle in their mischievous eye.

Now this same ability to be able to reflect other’s personalities causes Gemini to be called indecisive.   Really they are not. Most of us have a total integration of our personality traits. The happy me, the sad me, the quiet me, the enthusiastic me - are all integrated when I make a decision.  Gemini’s have a buffer up that makes their personality traits act as individual parts that all have an opinion. So the happy me argues with the sad me, “I want to wear the red shirt.” says Happy. “I want the blue shirt.” says Sad. This can go on forever until somebody wins. So Gemini is not really a twin or duel energy - Pisces holds that trophy - but more of a multi-personality energy. They have to have a board meeting every time they need to do something!

What I tell Gemini’s is to pick a part of yourself every morning and put that personality trait in charge; tell all the other parts they must listen to that self today. It works!

Gemini is the sign of communication and communicating is a necessary activity for their well being. I always say if you are friends with a Gemini, when they call you, answer the phone and just give an “uh-huh” once in a while. You can put down the phone and go do chores, check email, take a bath, and every now and then just utter “oh, uh-huh” and in about an hour or two the Gemini will say, “Thanks for listening, you always help me figure things out!”

Gemini needs to have that reflection of hearing their own voice speak the words and then they can figure out any problem. I always suggest they journal. Writing is a wonderful tool for them because as they read back their words it helps them make sense of the world.

Air must move and Gemini’s are always on the move and love working with their hands, which they rule. So projects that allow them movement and creativity with their hands is the best direction for them to take in life. If they try to sit still you’ll see someone constantly on the phone swiveling back and forth in their chair. It’s best for them to be on the move.

Gemini will make the hem of your skirt fly up a bit whenever they’re around but you’ll find yourself laughing and wondering what will be coming next from this unpredictable, delightful story teller. Anyone else and we’d raise an eyebrow or two and question the story, but Gemini will be so animated and amusing that we’ll be hoping it’s a long story. And it will be.

Always invite a Gemini to your dinner party, everyone will have a great time and you will be free to enjoy your own party!

Tinkerbell was a Gemini, if you clap your hands they will get brighter. If you look closely you might see their fairy wings hiding inside their shirt!