I hope you find something interesting and informative on the pages inside. I have a passion for astrology that began at age 5!  I have studied many forms of astrology and Western Karmic Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology are my favorite so far.  Since astrology is an ever expanding wisdom there’s always a new idea or perspective on the horizon.

Through the years I’ve noticed the most challenging aspect of astrology for beginners is where to start.  Studying the twelve signs is the best place to begin so each month I provide the current placement for the Sun, but every sign is also applied to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a plethora of other astral bodies, as well as the houses that make up a horoscope. Learning the twelve signs is quite simple and will open up a whole new way to see the world. Everything has a birth: your home, your car, your cat and, of course, you!

In addition to posting the sign of the month, I will also be writing about simple upcoming celestial events like Eclipses, Retrogrades, New and Full Moons, and Solstices and Equinoxes to add a little spice to the month and make learning astrology a little bit more interesting.  I’ll post these on my Facebook page.  If you’d like to join the site, please go to Jo’Ann Ruhl and you’ll get any monthly updates instantly!

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22 at 4:46 p.m. PDT and 7:46 p.m. EST

The eighth sign of the zodiac is represented by a Scorpion.  A unique and mysterious creature, it does not seem to have eyes or even a face; instead we see large pincers and the powerful stinger.  This is symbolic of how Scorpio does not let many “see” them; they put up an energetic, and in most cases unconscious, defense because of their sensitive nature.  Many astrologers believe that birds of prey like eagles and hawks are also a symbol for this powerful sign because of their extraordinary vision and ability to reach extreme heights.  In some native beliefs eagles and hawks are thought to fly to the edge of a higher dimension and bring us visions from spirit.  Scorpios stay very aware of the spiritual realm and because of that often question the value of the physical world by comparison.  This is their lesson: to come to understand that the physical is spiritual and is equally as valuable.  Scorpios help us remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that death is a part of the experience.

I feel there are many different ways the intensity of this sign expresses.  Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a steadfast Eagle or a mysterious Scorpion, one thing is for sure this is the most powerful of the twelve Zodiac signs and they experience life on planet Earth in the most intense ways.  Life for them is never lukewarm; it’s intensely hot or cold.

Scorpion energy is really the energy of death and rebirth cycles.  These cycles happen constantly in our life.  We have the death of an old job before going to the new job.  Relationships die, ideas die, people die and in their place something or someone new is born.  Scorpio teaches us that nothing really dies; it just changes shape and form.  And without death birth cannot occur.

Scorpios are very sensitive people.  They are also naturally intuitive and can have unique abilities to work with healing energy.  While it is considered a water sign, I see Scorpio as lava: an intense hot liquid that erupts from the Earth’s core, the deepest part of the Earth where no living creature can go.  Most Scorpios need to have alone time to recharge their energy, being around others can be taxing at times.  Their sensitivity to another’s energy works well if they are helping others heal but in day to day affairs it can feel invasive.  They have X-ray vision, they can see through any façade we might have and most of us do have some kind of façade.  Scorpios can spend quite a bit of time alone rather than be with someone who is not being completely honest with themselves and the world.  When it comes to being with a Scorpio, the worst truth is always better than the best lie.  Forgiveness is something all Scorpio natures must develop and is probably the most important experience for them to discover.